Young Living - Sales Conversion Mastery™

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Kristi Lee's step-by-step blueprint for Young Living™ business builders! I will teach you, in my exclusive 9-module video course, how to take your Young Living business, sales, and network to the next level!


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What People Are Saying:

Whether it's wanting to know more about personal development, networking, marketing, or how to present your product in the best light that will make anyone be interested, Kristi Lee is the person to show you how, and help you every step of the way.

Terry Madden

Kristi Lee always has great ideas on how to grow your business, and thinks outside the box.

Michael Pitkin

Kristi has an incredible talent to take a passing thought, and turn it into a marketing home-run. She will help you take your business to new heights with her vision and innovative ideas!

Virginia Acuna Randolph

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